Tom Geisbuesch

Tom began his career as a professional photographer in 1993, after finishing his education at the Photographic Art Studios in Mayen, Germany. His work as a freelance photographer has lead him to develop longstanding professional relationships with many agencies and customers such as Adidas, Madeleine fashion, Lufthansa, ASA, Deutsch Post AG, Rastal, Mirabeau, and many others.

Tom has continued to educate himself in the field of photography which has lead him to travel many exotic, far away places to discover new inspiration. It was in 2008 that Tom made his first visit to the islands of Hawai’i. “This experience opened (my) heart and mind to the beauty of nature, and the unquestionable need to document everything a photographer’s eye can capture.” says Tom. 

Through his interaction with native Hawaiian culture, Tom was deemed an “Hawaiian at Heart” and has since began steps to open an “Aloha Hale” at the “Sternapotheke” in Fuerth, Germany. This historic location will serve not only as his studio and gallery, but also as a showroom named “Wanderlust” to showcase Tom’s personal photographic works.

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